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In this webinar, we will:

  • Discuss the importance of designing for Additive Manufacturing, including shrinkage and fixture considerations
  • Explore how sintering needs for Additive Manufacturing differ from sintering considerations for conventional manufacturing methods
  • Learn how to solve common sintering challenges for Metal Binder Jet parts with DSB's sintering solutions


Sintering for Additive Manufacturing

An essential step for Metal Binder Jetting, high temperature sintering is used to improve part strength, density and overall performance to create highly functional metal components.

As a leading manufacturing partner for complex metal parts, DSB Technologies brings the metallurgical expertise to efficiently design, print, and sinter additively manufactured metal components through Metal Binder Jetting. This Additive Manufacturing technology requires a high level of know-how in High Temperature Sintering to achieve the part's desired geometry and properties.

Join us in this on-demand webinar to learn sintering considerations for a Metal Binder Jetting part, like designing for AM sintering, post-processing similarities to Metal Injection Molding, and accounting for shrinkage.

Our Speakers:

Peter DePoutiloff

Materials Technology Manager

Neil Belanus

Senior Additive Manufacturing Engineer