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About DSB Technologies

Decades of Metallurgical Innovation

For over 40 years, we have been on a mission to change the way powder metal parts are designed and engineered. 

DSB Technologies traces its roots back to the production of porous metal components as the Panoramic sintering division of the Parker Pen Company.

In 1980, Parker Pen sells the sintering division to a group of investors who form SSI Technologies, where SSI Sintered Specialties begins its long history of manufacturing innovation for functional, high performance powder metal components.

Nearly four decades later, SSI Sintered Specialties renames to DSB Technologies with the same enthusiastic ownership and vision for a transformative manufacturing landscape with new metallurgical solutions. 

SSI 1977-1

SSI - 1977

Your Metallurgical Solutions Partner

With unmatched metallurgical expertise and a diverse technology portfolio, we are bringing new ways to design and manufacture highly complex, functional powder metal components for mass production.

Our forming technology portfolio, which includes Powder Metallurgy Press and Sinter, Metal Injection Molding, and Metal Binder Jetting - enables manufacturers to design complex powder metal components for high volume production through processes that have been economically impossible in the past. 

Complimenting our forming technology portfolio is our vast range of metallurgical expertise, from custom material development to a fleet of secondary machining centers, to provide customers with an end-to-end manufacturing partner for the design and production of metal powder components. 

From SSI to DSB Technologies

In May 2022, SSI Sintered Specialties changed its name to DSB Technologies. Our mission to reinvent the way powder metal parts are designed and engineered has only intensified.

Our new logo encapsulates DSB's value propositions of collaboration and creating a forward-thinking, dynamic process for our customers. The logo's 'd' and 'b' symbolize the nature of collaborative partnerships, while the 's' represents the journey involved in that process.

Our logo deliberately does not have any straight paths, reinforcing our vision to provide dynamic solutions-based processes that are unique to every customer. 


Collaborate. Discover. Innovate.


Work at DSB Technologies

Every successful company is powered by its employees, which is why we have created an environment that allows our team to grow with us. Whether you are looking to apply your skills to our production team or advance your career with our corporate staff, we will guide you in achieving your full potential. When you succeed, we succeed – so let’s get started together.

Let's Reinvent What's Possible Together

Powder Metallurgy. Metal Injection Molding. Metal 3D Printing. A technology portfolio to support your application needs.