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Metal Powders and Materials

DSB Technologies manufactures powder metal applications through a wide range of materials, including custom blends. We partner with customers and manufacturers to optimize applications with specific requirements, starting with material selection.


Material Development

DSB Technologies is an end-to-end metals manufacturing partner, from powder to part. 

We are a world leader in the production of metal components. Behind every part is a material that meets requirements and a manufacturing partner who drives results. 

DSB Technologies partners with customers and metal powder manufacturers to meet material requirements based on specific application needs. We are innovating new material solutions for components made through conventional press and sinter, metal injection molding, and metal binder jetting processes. 

A Metal Parts Solutions Provider with:

Forming Technology

Conventional uniaxial die compaction, metal injection molding, and metal binder jetting all in one facility to support a broad range of part sizes and complexities.

Sintering Equipment

A range of sintering furnaces - including batch and continuous - to allow for specific sintering based on material and application needs.

Manufacturing Expertise

A team of manufacturing experts with metallurgy, sintering and operations experience to provide end-to-end development support.

Material Innovation

A dedicated mission to broadening material availability in powder metallurgy, metal injection molding, and metal binder jetting.

Powder and Metal Materials

DSB Technologies combines a diverse range of advanced  metal powders with its metallurgical expertise to manufacture custom metal components. To best achieve desired performance of a product, DSB Technologies partners with customers to identify powders, alloys and any custom development needed to meet material property requirements.

Common material groups are listed below. Material standards covering powder metal materials include MPIF Standard 35, ASTM B-783, ISO 5755, DIN 30910-4, and JIS Z2550. 

Interested in custom development outside of standard grade materials? DSB Technologies can support you. Contact our team: 


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