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Sintered Metal Filters & Porous Products

Learn about our porous and sintered metal filter solutions for high-volume applications


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Porous & Sinter Metal Filters Solutions

DSB Technologies engineers a wide range of sintered metal filters and porous metal components and designs components with application-specific porosity levels. Materials are available for high volume stainless steel metal applications and applications requiring specialty alloys. 

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Minimum Order Quantity Notice: 25,000 Pieces

Minimum Order Quantity Notice: 25,000 Pieces

Please note that our minimum order quantity for sinter metal filters and porous components is 25,000 pieces.

Porous Metal Components

DSB Technologies supplies porous metal products as part of an assembly. Here's how it works:

  • Sintering process bonds to a fitting
  • Press fit into a fitting
  • Constant filter flow for device
Porouse Assemblies created by DSB Technologies

Sintered Metal Filters

DSB Technologies supplies sintered metal filters in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the application's specific needs.

Two ordering options:
  • Utilize existing off-the-shelf parts
  • Develop custom filter design specific to an application
Porous small parts-067

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