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Design for Metal Injection Molding

Optimize your part design for new Metal Injection Molding technology, with low isotropic shrinkage, high dimensional stability, and reduced part variability.

Historically, the Metal Injection Molding (MIM) process has successfully enabled high volume production of strong, complex metal parts. But with high shrinkage and part variability, MIM components rarely reach over 25 grams.

DSB's 3DM approach to the MIM process combines a new feedstock with low shrink and automated molding operations to enable the efficient production of larger MIM parts - greater than 100 grams.

Explore the design features and specifications for conventional and advanced MIM parts. You will gain insights into how to consider 3DM for your part's design, based on characteristics like:

  • Design features for highly complex injection molded metal parts, similar to plastic part designs
  • Design requirements like part weight, feature thickness, dimensional precision, and surface finish
  • Material options and specifications, including the new Tundra feedstock and traditional MIM materials

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