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Compaction and Press Technology

Manufacture highly complex components with advanced CNC press technology. 

The Compaction Process

The compaction of components is a metalworking process using powder metal to manufacture powder metal parts that range from simple to high complexity levels.

During the compaction process, powder fills the die cavity and is transferred in columns to be even compacted and ejected as a 'green' part that is ready for sintering. 

With an internal automation team, DSB Technologies has implemented automated systems throughout the compaction process - like hands-free green part handling before sintering - to improve quality performance and increase operational efficiency.


Advancing the Compaction Process

DSB Technologies has been compacting powder metal components for more than 50 years, delivering innovative advanced designs for our customers and their applications. 

With recent additions in new computer numerical control (CNC) presses to its existing compaction portfolio, DSB Technologies manufactures highly complex metal parts - enabling customers to meet new design challenges with economical solutions for high volume production.

CNC Press Technology Characteristics & Benefits

Efficient Medium-High Volume Production

DSB Technologies is equipped to handle medium to high volumes of production with our extensive pressing and sintering capacity.

Design Flexibility

Undercut or cross hole features are possible with CNC press technology. DSB Technologies also offers dual material components to eliminate assemblies.

Medium Complexity Parts

Simple discs or ID and OD features can be produced with mechanical presses, while undercut features are possible with CNC press technology. Parts with 4 to 6 levels can be produced on DSB's CNC presses up to 800T.

In-House Operations

DSB Technologies' 250,000 sq ft facility is equipped with hands-free robotic handling during pre- and post-sintering operations, in addition to secondary CNC stations.

Press & Sinter Technology Resources


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Powder Metallurgy Process Matrix

All-in-one reference chart combines design attributes, manufacturing characteristics, and sourcing-related elements of each powder metal forming technology essential to planning powder metal part production.


DSB Technologies is your end-to-end Manufacturing Partner with:

CNC Press Technology

We are investing in the future of compaction by adding a new CNC press to our floor to ensure the highest precision and repeatability. The state-of-the-art equipment supports the expansion of DSB's press fleet, with CNC presses ranges for 200T to 800T.


We are equipped to run a wide range of materials based on application needs, including controlled porosity materials, iron alloys, and 300 and 400 series stainless steels. DSB Technologies also develops new materials to meet specific application requirements.


Complimenting DSB's furnace and press fleet, the ELNIK high temperature metal lined refractory vacuum furnace allows for the production of any conventionally-compacted material to meet enhanced requirements, including high temperature alloys.

Let's Reinvent What's Possible Together

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