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Unlocking the Best Manufacturing Process for Your Powder Metal Part

With  numerous process options for forming a metal part, it's not always easy to know which metalworking technique will be the most efficient and consistent for your application.

In this webinar, we help you understand three powder metallurgy processes (Press & Sinter, Metal Injection Molding and Metal Binder Jetting) and how these metal forming technologies can efficiently meet different application requirements.

Let DSB’s advanced manufacturing experts show you which process is the best fit for your application, plus see the real-world part examples where one of DSB's powder metallurgy processes helped customers achieve the greatest results.

Topics We'll Cover:

  • Discovery questions that help identify the best process for the part
  • The ideal part for each Powder Metal forming technique
  • Key differentiators between the powder metallurgy forming processes
  • Real-world examples: Customers who have benefited from converting to PM, MIM and Binder Jetting
  • A Process Attributes infographic that you can download to assist with matching the application specifications with each DSB forming technology

Access the On-Demand Webinar and Download the Free Process Matrix Chart:

Process & Application Experts:

Jeff Gerg

Press and Sinter

Neil Belanus

3D-Print - Binder Jetting

John O'Donnell

Metal Injection Molding