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One-Stop Manufacturing: Design, Print and Sinter Metal Binder Jet Parts

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Metal Binder Jetting is the leading process across metal manufacturing technologies to achieve high volume production, thanks to its speed, accuracy and cost efficiency. This metal Additive Manufacturing process requires more than just printing: Manufacturers need partners who can design for AM, have the capacity for industrialized printing, and can perform post-printing operations.

What if there was a one-stop manufacturing partner who could design, print and sinter high volume Metal Binder Jet parts all in one facility? Today, DSB Technologies partners with customers to provide end-to-end Metal Binder Jetting manufacturing solutions.

Join Us, October 19th

Join DSB Technologies on Wednesday, October 19th for a behind-the-scenes look into our manufacturing operations as we showcase the end-to-end Metal Binder Jetting process from design to final part all within our integrated operations facility.


When: October 19, 2022 | 10 AM CST
Neil Belanus
Senior Additive Manufacturing Engineer, DSB Technologies