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DSB's Peter dePoutiloff Earns Distinguished Service to Powder Metallurgy Award

JANESVILLE, WI. June 21, 2021 -

Peter dePoutiloff, DSB Technologies’ Materials Technology Manager, has recently earned the 2021 Distinguished Service to Powder Metallurgy Award from the Metal Powder Industries Federation (MPIF). dePoutiloff received the award at MPIF’s 2021 PowderMet conference on June 21, 2021.

MPIF, an organization dedicated to championing for powder metallurgy technology, recognizes those who have devoted their careers to the PM industry for at least 25 years and who have achieved long-term contributions to the industry. This year, MPIF presented 12 powder metallurgy advocates with the 2021 Service to Powder Metallurgy Award.

"I've had the opportunity to form long term relationships in a small, tight knit industry, several going back 40 years and others formed just over the past couple of years," dePoutiloff said. "I value them all. It's humbling to be considered by my peers for this award along with such a distinguished group receiving the award this year."

For nearly 31 years, dePoutiloff has been a member of the DSB team, supporting various functions within the organization including metal injection molding, quality systems and materials. As the company’s expert metallurgist and materials technology manager, dePoutiloff currently spearheads SSI’s new material and product developments.

dePoutiloff holds a Bachelor of Science in Metallurgical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University and an MBA from Devry University’s Keller School of Management. With a background exclusively in metallurgy and management, dePoutiloff has devoted his career to supporting the trajectory of material advancements and leading material innovations that position PM as a competitive technology.

"I love problem solving, and I like the win-win scenario. It' satisfying to work with both customers and suppliers when both sides feel like they have benefited from the relationship and enjoy working with each other, not because they have to but because they want to," dePoutiloff said.

As DSB grows its technology portfolio and expands its alloy and material development, dePoutiloff will play an instrumental role in providing customers with advanced powder metallurgy technology to lead their markets.

Congratulations to DSB's Peter dePoutlioff and his fellow recipients for earning the 2021 MPIF Distinguished Service to Powder Metallurgy award.

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